I recently finished my Master of Fine Arts at University of Auckland. During my six years at Elam I have come to love the discipline of Photography, particularly when it is analogue or darkroom based.

I am especially interested in large and medium format film photography. I really like the process involved and the beautiful quality (detail!) it gives, these kind of analogue cameras surpass all digital cameras, in my opinion.

These last few years I have been working on a project entitled Ons Erfgoed. The aim of my project is to ensure that future generations of Dutch New Zealanders can know about the hardships, adventures and triumphs that their ancestors underwent, and how their current place in New Zealand society came to be. I have been in contact with Dutch societies in Auckland and Christchurch, and have recorded the stories of some of their members. By using my background in social anthropology I have created a kind of artistic ethnography of these people and their experiences of immigration, which includes video interviews and photographs. Eventually, all of the information I have collected will be compiled into a photographic book which should give some insight into the complex history of Dutch-New Zealanders.